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The Schedule Course Adjustments, Instructors and Times (SCAIT) system is where departments enter course sections and instructor assignments.  Why is this important?  

    1. This is the only way instructors can gain access to the Canvas course shell where course materials are delivered and grades are input.
    2. It helps faculty and departments to understand workload distribution.
    3. The credit hours produced in each department are used as the basis for funding processes each semester. The total section student credit hours are multiplied by the instructor percentage. 
    4. Student Course Surveys cannot be administered unless the faculty member is assigned accurately to each course section that he/she teaches. 

The deadline for data entry in the SCAIT system is census with the exception of variable credit courses which should be entered as quickly after census as possible.  The accuracy and completeness of the data in the system is essential for the reasons listed above.  There are significant consequences for faculty and department operations if the data are missing or inaccurate.   

Resources are available for this process.  

Questions can also be directed to Tyson Koss ( in the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When a course has no instructors listed in SWASINS there will initially be no row in which to enter them in the “INSTRUCTOR CHANGES” block. When this is the case, click the “SAVE” button in the bottom right corner of the form and a row will open (Note – you will see a “No changes to save” message in the upper right which you can disregard). At this point, you can enter your desired instructors and proceed normally. 

This error message appears when an instructor is new and/or hasn’t yet taught a course at CSU. An instructor needs to be added to the SCAIT system itself first in order to be added to a course. If you receive this error simply contact us with the employee’s CSU ID number and term you wish them to be active. Once we enter them into the system we will notify you and you’ll be ready to go.

Are you getting an error message when entering an instructor into SCAIT that you know is active? Are you copying and pasting the ID number? Check the cursor after you paste; there may be an invisible character between it and the last digit. Just delete the space or enter the number manually. If that doesn’t work, feel free to contact us and we’ll help troubleshoot.

The RI headcount (indicating it is eligible for state funding) is taken at census.  The total headcount will include non-RI students (cash funded, not eligible for state funding) or students that added the course after census.  Even though a student is not in the RI headcount and may not show up on the student list, they can still be awarded a grade without issue.

A primary instructor must be selected in the SWASINS form in order to display in Aries Web. Verify that this is the case in the form, and if not click in the “Primary Instructor” box next to their name. Note that only one instructor can be selected as primary.

This error is likely generated if you are trying to enter information that may already be in the course, e.g. you are trying to enter an instructor that is already there.  You may wonder, “why would I do that? I don’t see the instructor.”  The answer is probably that the data is on another page in the section. If you look at the navigation arrows at the bottom you will probably see additional pages. You can move through the pages with the arrows, or use the “page per” drop down to reveal more records.


This error is generated by an issue that Classroom Scheduling can easily fix. We don’t know the specifics, but give them a ring at 1-7212 and let them know the details (Course Reference Number, Term, etc.) and they’ll fix you right up.

This error occurs primarily while using the Chrome browser and can be resolved by clearing the cookies. For instructions of clearing the cache and cookies, see this page. If you wish to avoid this, the Firefox browser seems to sidestep this error.