Enrollment includes primary and secondary majors as well as minors by various student demographics.  Data are reported at census.  The census date is the last day students may add/drop courses without financial penalty.  Data may be viewed by term, academic year (leading fall and subsequent spring) or full year (leading summer and fall with subsequent spring).

Degree/certificates awarded counts include primary and secondary majors by various student demographics.  Data are reported annually (in August) and make no distinction between credentials earned online or on campus because the learning outcomes are the same for programs regardless of delivery method.

The Freshman Profile is a descriptive study of the new entering class each fall.  It includes summer starts (students who actually start in the summer but who continue in the fall) in accordance with federal reporting definitions. 

Undergraduate student success metrics include retention, persistence, and graduation rates as well as time to degree and other curricular milestones.  To explore success differences across a variety of demographic attributes, visit our Equity Gap Dashboard which is open to all with a current CSU login.

Major Migration

Interactive data tables that allow users to explore major migration to and from selected programs. (Under Construction)

Graduate Students

Graduate student admissions and student success reports are available on the Graduate School website. Reports require a CSU login.