Fact Book

The Fact Book is a compilation of basic data about CSU and includes current snapshots as well as historical data about students, employees, and the institution.  The past three years are below.  Additional years are available upon request.

FY23 Fact Book (Employee Data Forthcoming)

FY22 Fact Book

FY21 Fact Book

FY20 Fact Book

FY19 Fact Book


InFact is a more succinct version of the Fact Book and is intended for limited distribution to each division on campus and to constituents external to campus. InFact will be discontinued in FY22. The President’s Report linked below contains similar information. 

President’s Report

FY21 InFact

FY20 InFact

FY19 InFact


Institutional Profile

The Institutional Profile is a one-page summary snapshot of the institution.  It is widely distributed to campus and to external constituents as well potential faculty, staff, students and partners.

FY23 Institutional Profile

FY22 Institutional Profile

FY21 Institutional Profile

FY20 Institutional Profile

FY19 Institutional Profile