Program Review

Colorado State University places the utmost priority on excellence and continuous improvement in all areas of the institution.  The Academic Program Review and Planning process provides an assurance of quality while helping to identify areas of further opportunity.

Academic departments are scheduled to complete the process periodically, in accordance with the Colorado State Faculty & Administrative Professional Manual (section C. which requires evaluations of academic programs and departmental operations.  Departments spend one semester writing an introspective self-study that is, in the following semester, reviewed by the University Review Committee (URC).  The URC membership is comprised of representatives from across administration and also includes multiple faculty of the department's choosing.  The role of the URC is to provide feedback to the department on their self-study and plans for continuous improvement. 

The program review schedule is sent to the Board of Governors each year.  The Program Review Schedule AY20-21 was provided but the process has been postponed until FY22 due to COVID-19.  Previous year's schedules are available upon request.

Executive summaries are also provided to the Board of Governors each year and are available upon request.