As part of program review, units should complete an introspective self study. The resources listed below will assist study members in evaluating their programs.

The data sources provided by IRP&E are interactive reports and dashboards available on two platforms, WebFocus (phasing out) and Tableau (phasing in). WebFocus-based reports are open access and Tableau reports require a license. Please contact Lee Tyson or Heather Novak to request a Tableau license.

Note to Special Academic Units (SAUs): We recommend filtering at the program level to view your data as some units’ college affiliations have changed over time.


  • Enrollment, Persistence, and Graduation (WebFocus): Enrollment tab provides the student headcount for all student levels at census for each semester starting FA07; available by program. Student Success tab provides cohort-based undergraduate persistence and graduation rates starting FA00; available by department.
  • Graduate Student Admission, Enrollment, and Student Success Reports (provided by The Graduate School, requires EID): PDF reports for 2010-2021 academic years.
  • First Destination Survey (provided by the Career Center): 2021 survey results for undergraduates available at the college and program levels and graduate student results at the college level; trends for past three administrations.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) First-year Experiences and Senior Transitions (PDF): 2019 survey results include first-year student perspectives on academic perseverance, help-seeking behaviors, and institutional commitment and senior perspectives on post-graduation plans, links between the academic major and future plans, and confidence in skill development. Data provided at college-level; department-level results available upon request.


  •  Headcount and FTE (WebFocus): provides headcount, FTE, and salary information for faculty, administrative professional, state classified, graduate assistants, and other employees starting FY10; filter by employment type to see tenure-track and contract, continuing, and adjunct faculty.


  •  Course Capacity (Tableau): provides headcount, waitlist, and fill rates for four most recent fall terms for census, first day of classes, and year-to-date time periods.
  • Course Completion and Grades (Tableau): grade distribution, DFW rates, and average GPA for fall and spring terms starting FA17; available at section level.