Student Recreation Center

The 2017 report examines the relationship between campus recreation activity (i.e., recreation center visits and intramural participation) and academic success for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Overall, half of all enrolled undergraduates visited the recreation center and 12% playedon an intramural team. Undergraduate students who visited the recreation center at least once or played on at least one […]

Access Center

This report describes the demographics as well as higher education access and success of Access Center students at CSU. College access is measured by the college going rates for Access Center high schools and with CSU’s yield and admit rates for applicants from these high schools. The metrics used to assess student success are outcomes […]

Community for Excellence

The Community for Excellence (C4E) creates an asset-based approach to equitable learning experiences for students from their first semester to their last. In addition to recognizing the critical importance of educational partners in students’ home communities, C4E leverages the power of a network of campus partners to facilitate belonginess through scholar contact relationships and connections […]

Learning Assistants

Learning assistants (LAs) serve as peer educators by supporting instructor implementation of active learning during class sessions in high-enrollment courses and facilitating study sessions outside class time. In these roles, LAs engage students in high-impact practices (HIPs) such as collaborative work, problem-solving, and the development of study skills that promote mastery of content and skills […]

Unsuccessful Course Completion and Student Success

These reports explore the association between an unsuccessful course completion (defined as earning a D, F, or U grade) in undergraduate courses on retention and graduation for first-time, full-time (FTFT) students. A student with no unsuccessful course completions has a predicted freshman retention rate of 95.2% compared to 88.0% for an identical student with at least […]

Momentum Year

In October 2018, the state of Colorado announced its participation in Complete College America’s National Momentum Pathways Project. The Momentum Pathways Project (Momentum Year) is comprised of several strategies aimed to help first-year students stay on-track for graduation, to build momentum through their first year, propelling them into their second and onward to graduation.  Since 2011, IRP&E has been […]