Students Recommended for Support

Since 2016 CSU has used a holistic review to identify students as recommended for support (SRS) during the admissions process. The reason(s) why a student is flagged as needing extra support can include low test scores, poor high school grades in math or composition, and a student can be flagged for having a low high school GPA. 

More recent 2022 reports focus on exploring alternative ways to identify students as SRS (or reasons why a student is SRS) in light of CSU becoming a test optional institution for the FA21 cohort and onwards. Both the number and demographic composition of SRS students has changed since the adoption of the policy, and these reports explore other student-related features (e.g., high school grades of D or F, competitive major pursuits) that may identify a student as needing support upon entry in their first fall term. 

The 2020 report explores CSU academic outcomes by support program engagement as well as the reason(s) a student flagged as SRS. Overall SRS students have better success outcomes if they have support systems at CSU and if they engage in appropriate course work in the first year.