Create Custom Surveys using Qualtrics

Surveys are an important assessment tool that provide insights into many topics.

Well-designed and administered surveys of faculty, staff, and students can yield useful perspectives on important issues.  However, too much surveying raises concerns related to redundancy, low response rates and survey design quality.

  • Avoid over surveying by reviewing what is already available and by employing appropriate sampling methodology.
  • Increase response rates by working around other large-scale surveys already scheduled.
  • Limited assistance with survey design is available through the the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.  More comprehensive support is available through Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
  • There are many survey tools. CSU provides licensing for Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Overview and Access

Qualtrics is a web-based survey and data collection tool for creating and conducting online surveys. It can be used to conduct research, departmental surveys, academic surveys, etc.

Access is available, at no charge, to all current faculty, staff and students at Colorado State University.  The enterprise license is funded and maintained by the Division of Information Technology.

Qualtrics Handbook of Question Design is a short introduction to designing a quality survey to increase response rates and help ensure valid data.

Qualtrics Handbook of Question Design introduces key best practices for question design along with the theoretical and empirical rationale behind those best practices. Follow best practices and more to design questions that will enable respondents to give their best data.  Survey data are only as good as the questions that generate them. It’s important to understand best practices for question design along with the theoretical and empirical rationale behind those best practices.  The recommendations made in this guide are based on a large academic literature about question design in survey methodology along with evidence for best practices that we have discovered at Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Training

  • Survey Basics: Learn about some best practices for survey design.
  • Survey Platform Overview: Familiarize yourself with the Qualtrics Survey Platform.
  • Survey Accessibility – CSU surveys need to meet accessibility standards, it’s important to make sure your survey is as accessible as possible.
  • Project Basics Overview: After you login to Qualtrics, you will be presented with the Projects page. Learn how to create new projects, select existing projects, and view your survey related data.
  • Survey Basic Overview: The Survey tab is where you can design, build and edit your surveys. Learn about the survey editor, block basics, question & editing basics, and more.
  • Actions Basic Overview: The Actions tab reacts to live survey responses with a variety of tasks. Learn how to create and manage actions & tasks here.
  • Distributions Overview: The Distributions tab allows you to select a variety of survey distribution channels. Learn about various options for distributing your survey and the stages of response collection here.
  • Data & Analysis Overview: The Data & Analysis tab manages and provides some basic analysis of participant responses. Learn about data, text, cross tabs and weighting.
  • Reports Overview: The Reports tab visualizes data with graphs, charts etc. to help make insights easier to see and presentations easier to prepare.

Qualtrics Support

Online Help: Qualtrics Online Support

Phone: 800-339-8865 (support is available 24/7)


Qualtrics Security and Privacy

Qualtrics Security Statement 

Qualtrics Privacy Policy

Qualtrics Terms of Service – includes information pertaining to spam and acceptable use 

Contact or call 800-340-9194 for additional information or further inquiries pertaining to Qualtrics policies and practices.