Major-Changing Patterns & Student Success

An October 2022 report provides a comprehensive descriptive picture of major-changing patterns at CSU and the association between major changing and student success outcomes. The report focuses on first-time, full-time undergraduate summer and fall starts in cohorts FA12 – FA17 to ensure students are tracked long enough to capture major-changing behavior — particularly as it […]

Campus Connections

Campus Connections (CC) is a multidisciplinary service learning course at CSU where undergraduate students serve as mentors to youth. Students from all majors work one-on-one with youth ranging from 11-18 to tackle a broad range of challenges. Youth are referred from schools, the juvenile justice system, human services, or directly from family members, and work […]

Education Abroad

These studies explore the relationship with study abroad (SA) participation and graduation outcomes, namely to understand whether participating in study abroad significantly hinders graduation rates or time to graduation. The most recent study found SA students who persisted to their third year had significantly higher five-year and six-year graduation rates compared to non-SA students who […]

Credit Recovery Courses

Credit recovery courses (CRC) are sections designed to give students the chance to regain credits that are lost because of withdrawing from other courses during the semester. Recouping credits is an important option for students to stay on track for timely graduation and may also help students retain satisfactory academic performance for financial aid purposes. CRC sections begin […]

Exploratory Studies

Exploratory Studies (formally “Undeclared”) students comprise roughly 20% of CSU’s new, main campus students every fall term. A May 2017 report offers an updated picture (from the 2011 report) on first-time, full-time (FTFT) undeclared students’ demographic characteristics, persistence rates, and graduation rates. For cohorts FA08-FA15, the majority (56%) of undeclared students have no stated academic […]