Qualitative Study on Why Students Leave CSU

In the fall of 2021, IRP&E contracted with the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) to conduct a qualitative study to understand why undergraduate students leave CSU before graduating and what types of supports or policies CSU can implement to retain students through graduation. IRISS conducted interveiws with student-facing CSU staff and first-time […]

ENcourage Engineering Summer Math Program

The ENcourage Engineering Math Program is a summer program intended to help incoming engineering students who did not test “calculus ready” through the math placement tool to improve pre-calculus math skills. Students in the college have higher success rates when calculus is completed in the fall or spring semester of their first year. The FA21 Report […]

Student Success by College

Two October 2021 reports document differences between CSU colleges in both undergraduate student demographics and in measures of persistence and graduation. The Student Access and Success by College report summarizes student characteristics by college and for the first-time, full-time cohort of FA21 students specifically. It also documents 2nd fall persistence rates, 4-year graduation rates, and […]