Student Success by College

Two October 2021 reports document differences between CSU colleges in both undergraduate student demographics and in measures of persistence and graduation. The Student Access and Success by College report summarizes student characteristics by college and for the first-time, full-time cohort of FA21 students specifically. It also documents 2nd fall persistence rates, 4-year graduation rates, and 6-year graduation rates by college, as well as by key demographic groups.

The accompanying 2nd FA Persistence and 6YR Graduation Gaps report visually documents the gaps in persistence and graduation between comparable demographic groups (e.g., males versus females, first generation versus continuing generation, rural versus non-rural, etc.) across colleges. Alongside each gap figure is another putting the percentage-point differences into context by noting how many additional students of a certain demographic group would need to persist/graduate in order for the gap to closed within each college, individually.