Welcome to the Schedule Course Adjustments, Instructors and Times (SCAIT) system; the system in which you will enter course sections and instructor assignments. Each semester you will need to assign instructors to their respective course sections via this system.

  • Functionally, this is how they are provided access to the course shell in the Canvas Learning Management System (critical for online and on-campus courses).
  • Operationally, this is how student credit hours taught are allocated to each instructor. Why is this important? There are many reasons, but the primary three are as follows:
    1. It helps faculty and departments to understand workload distribution.
    2. The student credit hours generated in each department are used as the basis for funding processes each semester. The total section student credit hours are multiplied by the instructor percentage. Timely funding for department enrollment growth is entirely dependent on the accuracy of these data AT CENSUS.
    3. Student Course Surveys cannot be administered unless the faculty member is assigned accurately to each course section that he/she teaches. The process is entirely dependent on the accuracy of these data AT CENSUS.

Note - the deadline for all data entry has moved to census from the end-of-term. We know that variable credit courses populate at census, so please edit those as soon as you can once the students are available. If you have difficulty making the census deadline, please work with your department chair to mitigate the issue(s). These data are, as described above, critical for many reasons.

We appreciate your time and effort! Click the link below to access the SCAIT instructions.

As a departmental SCAIT coordinator, you have a direct and real impact on the success of your department. It’s critical to the assessment and improvement of your area that the appropriate instructors and instructor percentages are entered into SCAIT. For more information on entering instructor percentages, click the link below.

These data are incorporated into reports that are used for budgeting and review by department heads, deans, provosts, and the President. If data are missing or incorrectly assigned, instructors, departments and colleges may not receive the student credit hours they deserve which could adversely affect allocated funding. Also, the newly implemented assessment tool Digital Measures uses data from SCAIT, as does Canvas.

We've created these resources to help you navigate through the system and answer questions you may have. However, please don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything they don't address. Thank you for your efforts to continually improve Colorado State University, and help our administration to make data-driven decisions.

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