Math Success

The purpose of this report is to understand gaps in math achievement by demographic group including first generation (FG), minority, and Pell students. Along with institutional data, this report utilizes survey data collected by the PACE center to inform how time spent studying influences Math Placement Exam (MPE) performance.

There are significant differences in math placement and first year math completion by demographic group. FG, minority, and Pell students are significantly less likely to place into college algebra or to complete their AUCC math requirement within the first year.

Results also suggest that math success is important for all students and that lower rates of MPE placement and first-year math completion maybe the result of something other than academic preparation/time spent studying for FG, minority, and Pell students. Further inquiry into institutional strategies that enhance MPE performance and encourage first-year AUCC completion specifically for FG, minority, and Pell students is recommended.