Key Communities

The Key Communities are highly diverse first- and second-year learning communities designed to help CSU achieve its student success goals. Key is an effective way to support graduation for all students but particularly among historically underserved populations. First-year Key students live together on designated residence hall floors, and enroll in two to three of their first semester courses with their cluster of students. Key students also have a Key Mentor to connect with, who provides information and resources, and serves as a guide throughout their first year on campus. Key Plus is an optional second year and continuing student program for students who have participated in the Key Communities or the Community for Excellence.

These reports explore associations between participation in Key and student success measures, including second spring end of term cumulative GPA, persistence to third fall, and four- and six-year graduation rates through variety of analytic techniques (e.g., regression, propensity score analysis (PSA)). The Key Plus report explores the magnitude of Key Plus beyond the first-year Key experience.