Dr. Laura Jensen, Vice Provost for Planning and Effectiveness, has over twenty years of professional research experience and worked at the University of Colorado and Front Range Community College before coming to Colorado State University. She is committed to helping the institution better understand issues surrounding student success, program evaluation, assessment, enrollment, faculty/staff, research, and operations. She serves on a variety of internal and external committees related to educational research, reporting, and data management.

Contact Laura directly at (970) 491-7009.

Dr. Heather Novak, Assistant Director, began working at CSU as a researcher in 2004. She is passionate about understanding the institutional factors that facilitate undergraduate student success, especially for low-income and first-generation students. Her academic training focused on both quantitative and qualitative research methods and her expertise is in multivariate analyses and quasi-experimental research design. Heather enjoys working on research projects that inform policy and curriculum.

Contact Heather directly at (970) 491-2163.

Ana Silva, Assistant Director, came to CSU from Brazil in 1990, earning her Bachelor’s degree and then working in Information Systems as she completed her graduate degree. After exploring opportunities in the private sector, she returned to campus. Ana helps to lead the office through oversight of all IT functions including the Oracle database, Business Intelligence, and all standard reporting. She believes a strong business sense is invaluable for the office to be effective and is committed to making data easy to access and use.

Contact Ana directly at (970) 491-6064.

IT Staff


Reena Khosla, IT Professional, began her IT career in 1996 in Panama as a Java Programmer. She joined Colorado State University (Information Systems) in 2000, soon after completing her graduate studies at Virginia Tech. She has been with the Office of Institutional Research since 2003 and specializes in working with the Oracle Databases, Business Intelligence, and Reporting. Some of her responsibilities include publishing IR Interactive Reports, the Degree Book, tracking student majors and other ad-hoc analysis. She is committed to deliver excellence for CSU.

Contact Reena directly at (970) 491-0693.

Mark Paquette, DBA, came to Colorado State University after working for a small private college in Northern Minnesota where he provided technical support to many areas of campus including Institutional Research. His main responsibilities are database administration and technical support of the BI Publisher reporting application.

Contact Mark directly at (970) 491-3121.

Research Analysts and Data Specialists


Andrea Coryell, MS, Research Analyst, began working at CSU in 2011 as a substance abuse prevention specialist at the CSU Health Network. After an 11-year career in collegiate health at multiple institutions, Andrea transitioned to IRP&E in 2018. Andrea is experienced in quantitative survey design, data collection, and analysis, and has a strong interest in working with campus partners to better understand student experiences and success through data. Andrea completed her M.S. degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion with an emphasis in Public Health at the University of Wyoming.

Contact Andrea directly at (970) 491-6489.

Tyson Koss, Data Analyst, graduated from CSU and returned ten years later to work for the Vice President of Administrative Services. He has worked in this office since 2006 and is responsible for all of the annual reports related to faculty (salary, hires, attrition, promotion/tenure etc.) and institutional facts (Fact Book, InFact, and Institutional Profile). He also serves as the main contact for the institutional system used to schedule courses and assign faculty teaching workload (SCAIT).

Contact Tyson directly at (970) 491-6487.

Lee Tyson, MA, Research Analyst, joined IRP&E in 2018 after spending over 15 years in the private sector as a survey researcher and operations professional. Lee has extensive experience managing survey projects (instrument development, sampling, weighting, analysis, and reporting) and mining data to support decision-making and strategic initiatives. Lee enjoys crafting compelling narratives of results, identifying key themes and trends, for a variety of audiences. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, research and evaluation methods emphasis, from the University of Colorado Denver.

Contact Lee directly at (970) 491-2985.