The primary institutional level tool used to measure student engagement at Colorado State University is the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The NSSE collects information from first-year and senior undergraduates at hundreds of universities about their participation in programs and activities relevant to their learning and personal development. The results provide an estimate of how students spend their time (which we know influences their success) and can be used as an indirect measure of student learning and development. The most critical items are used to build ten ‘Engagement Indicators’ which are believed to reflect student behaviors and institutional features that are powerful contributors to student learning and personal development. For more information regarding the benchmarks or additional survey description please visit the NSSE web page at

This web page provides links to all of CSU’s NSSE results and special research projects completed with the NSSE data. Campus programs interested in researching specific CSU populations using the NSSE results are welcome to contact the Office of Institutional Research Planning and Effectiveness. 

CSU NSSE Results

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Engagement Constructs Comparison Report
Mean and Frequency Report
Multi-year Benchmark Report
Respondent Characteristics
Selected Comparison Groups
Snapshot Comparisons
High-Impact Practices
Academic Advising Module
First-Year Experiences and Senior Transitions
Inclusiveness and Engagement with Cultural Diversity

NSSE 2020

NSSE 2019

NSSE 2016

Reports with NSSE data in 2012 and Prior

NSSE 2012 Subgroup Analyses
NSSE Scores by Department/Major