The Salary Equity Committee, comprised of internal and external experts, was charged in the summer of 2015 with analyzing potential equity issues at CSU and recommending a path to move forward. The Committee anticipated that the findings and recommendations will serve to encourage the ongoing dialogue on campus related to salary equity for tenured and tenure-track faculty.

Individual Faculty Salary Information

Regression models (one for each rank) were adapted from the between groups analysis and employed to inform the individual salary exercise. Those reports will be released to department chairs and deans along with training in the appropriate use of the data. Faculty are encouraged to click the link below to review their data for accuracy and make corrections through Human Resources as necessary.

Between Groups Salary Equity

The purpose of the between groups study is to understand the relationship between gender/minority status and salary for CSU tenured and tenure-­track faculty. The regression models used in this analysis were selected by the Salary Equity Committee after significant deliberation and will be used through FY19 at which time they will be reviewed to ensure the process continues to employ the most appropriate methods possible (data will be updated annually).  The models were used for a single year analysis (FY19) and to describe change over time (FY14-FY19), but did not speak to the salary of any individual faculty member.