Salary Equity by Discipline

To ensure faculty salaries, by discipline, are similar to those at similar institutions, a variety of external surveys are completed annually.  These are completed for both tenured/tenure-track faculty and contract/continuing faculty.  

The College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) collects data on salaries for administrators, faculty, professionals and staff, as well as on healthcare and other benefits.  As a CUPA member, CSU is able to compare the salaries of specific faculty positions to other similar positions.  The reports below use other R1 institutions as the comparison group.  Participation in the survey is voluntary so not every institution in that group will participate every year. 

The Oklahoma State University Faculty Salary Survey also provides salary comparisons by discipline and rank.  The comparison group is our Board of Governor’s peer group. It is includes tenured/tenure-track faculty as well as contact/continuing faculty.


Salary Equity Study

The individual salary analysis is completed annually to identify tenured/tenure-track faculty salary outliers.  It is not intended to report what any faculty salary should be. The data are provided to the deans and department chairs for further scrutiny.  A report must be made to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs about each outlier.  The data in the analysis are pulled from the Human Resources Oracle System each September.  Faculty are encouraged to validate their data in the system regularly.


 Between Groups

Salary Equity Study

The purpose of the annual between groups study is to understand the relationship between tenured/tenure-track faculty salary and demographic characteristics such as gender and racially minoritized status.  The analysis does not attempt to speak to the salary of any individual faculty member.