Career Center

Overall, about 1 in 10 new students visit the Career Center in their first year and are more likely to report participating in an internship, co-op, or other work-related activityCareer services users are more likely to be nonresidents and non users are more likely to be Pell Grant recipients, males, and first-generation students. 

Career services use is positively associated with several measures of student success, particularly persistence to the 2nd and 3rd fall, even after controlling for relevant demographic characteristics. Students who visit career services are more likely to have talked about their career plans with a faculty member and are more likely to have participated in an internship, co-op, or other work-related activity. 

While these findings do not consider all possible potential influences, they provide promising evidence that career services visits promote student success at CSU, particularly if students are able to visit the career services early in their college career.