Critical Dates

Please use the following timeline as a general guide to keep the program review process on schedule:

September: Department Chair appoints a Department Review Committee consisting of at least three faculty members from the department.  

October: A Department Review Committee meeting is scheduled by the Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness with Laura Jensen to discuss the program review process.  Technical assistance will also be provided at this time.

November 1: The Department Chair and/or Department Review Committee nominates three faculty members, outside the department but internal to CSU, to serve as members on a Peer Review Committee.

November - January: The self-study is completed and submitted.

February - March: The Peer Review Committee provides feedback on the self-study and the Department Review Committee responds as necessary.

April: The Department Review Committee and Peer Review Committee will meet to discuss the self-study.

May: The Department Chair and/or Department Review Committee finalize an executive summary that will be made available to the campus community, CSU Board of Governors, and the Higher Learning Commission.